…It’s not just for Eggs anymore

We are in “beta” mode for FastPrayGive.org. It is a common term in the programming and software development world that denotes a fully operational, but not 100% complete project. FastPrayGive.org is fully functional, but is sharing resources with Rise Against Hunger (formerly Stop Hunger Now) in a effort to incubate this movement among Christians, Wesleyans, and Methodists around the world.

The term incubate means a lot here. In the natural science world it’s what a parent bird does for her eggs to help them develop and keep them safe. (I wish more parental duties involved sitting) In the laboratory you’ll find incubation used to setup a necessary environment to grow something that only thrives under the right conditions. Many chambers of commerce use the term incubator to refer to resource sharing centers where young business can work together and share or be provided resources to help them have a higher percentage of survival and hopefully success. Whether you’re growing a baby chick, some bacterial, a fledgling business, or (in our case) a movement to end the needless suffering caused by food insecurity the incubation is a helping hand.

Rise Against Hunger (formerly Stop Hunger Now) has been a great partner in incubating our launch by sharing marketing and development resources, and some capabilities to accept payments as we are not fully our own financial entity. However, FastPrayGive.org is working pretty hard with our parent organization WesleyMen to complete organizational requirements and build some alliances that will hopefully assist us with some other needs in the coming months.

I don’t want to exclude you. You are a partner in this because you see the big vision. You see that if each and every one of us owns this shared vision of compassion and justice for those without enough to eat we can hatch a spiritual and economic egg the size of which this world has never seen.

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