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1How much of my donation goes to end hunger by feeding people?
We strive to make it 100%. The reality is that payment processing and transaction fees make it slightly less. We promise that 90% of the funds go to programs aimed at ending the systemic cause of hunger or feeding people. We call the funds you donate at each month “program funds”. Marketing and administrative costs help us to be successful; we call these “non-program” funds. If you would like to donate to help us with non-program costs visit our Administrative Cost Sponsorship page.
2How do I update my credit/debit card info?
If your credit/debit card has canceled or lost and have a new card and number you’ll need to update that for FastPrayGive to continue with automatic donations. Click Here to learn how to update that information.
3How do I cancel my participation?
Go to the following View Donation History page and look for the cancel link in the table under the heading Actions. If you're no longer logged into then you'll need to gain access to your account. Enter the email address at which you receive notifications and newsletters from us, and we'll send you an email to claim the account.
4What is
A website where visitors are encouraged to Fast one meal per week, Pray during that meal time for world hunger, and Give the amount of money they would have been spent on that meal.
5Where can I get information to share?
We have a PDF file that is the content that is in our official two-sided tri-fold brochure. You can download it from HERE. Contact us via for bulk printed copies.
6Who created and runs this program? is a mission of the World Fellowship of Methodist and Uniting Church Men (WesleyMen, Inc). WesleyMen is an affiliate organization of the World Methodist Council (WMC) which provides limited oversight. There are over 80 million Wesleyan who belong to member churches of the WMC.
7What is the goal?
To build a movement to end world hunger. Jesus taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves. provides a call to action to express this love through active works. Our goal is to inspire four million methodists to Fast, Pray, and Give to end world hunger. That is ten percent of the total membership of churches who are included in the World Methodist Council connection.
8How will my giving feed people?
Our partner, Rise Against Hunger, helps us to encourage exciting Meal Packaging Experiences at which new volunteers are introduced to the movement to end world hunger. During these events volunteers put healthy, nutritious food into packages that are sent all over the world.
9Why Rise Against Hunger?
They have a vision: A world without hunger. Since 1998, Rise Against Hunger, has been providing food and life-saving aid to the world’s most vulnerable. Since 2005, they have packaged over 200 million meals which have been distributed to international partners in 71 countries. See Rise Against Hunger website for up-to-date figures.
10Is Rise Against Hunger the only partner?
In 2017, we will open a grant program and receive applications to provide funding to other hunger programs that meet the requirements of the grant application. Currently, Rise Against Hunger is our primary partner.
11What is the target audience?
Anyone interested in ending world hunger who wishes to participate is welcome. Many faiths practice fasting, prayer, and tithing as core disciplines and we would love to join hands and end hunger.
12Do I get to package meals?
Those Fasting, Praying, and Giving are encouraged to help package food. Participation will be open to all who donate, but events will be located where they can be easily facilitated. Sites are selected with respect to introducing new people to the movement to end world hunger and the organization’s ability to continue to engage participants. Want to suggest an event with your church? Fill out this form.

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