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Our Mission

FastPrayGive is a program of the WesleyMen, Inc. which was originally known as The World Fellowship of Methodist and Uniting Church Men. Created in 2001, WesleyMen is an affiliate organization of the World Methodist Council. The mission statement of WesleyMen is: Men connected in the Wesleyan tradition for Christian fellowship and witness through active works. Since 2011, WesleyMen focused on bringing awareness to and expose the realities of global hunger, severe malnutrition, and starvation. We work to recruit and equip leaders in the movement to end world hunger. We welcome leaders who will equip persons in their sphere of influence to engage in compassionate action and justice. Since 2016, we've operated FastPrayGive.org as our primary initiative.


The FastPrayGive.org program is operated by a mix of dedicated volunteers and employees that have declared hunger intolerable and devoted themselves to caring for their neighbors. Our governing board leadership is comprised of ex-officio members of WesleyMen and the World Methodist Council. Want to be part of the team? Consider being a regional or local advocate.

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Our Team

Rev. Steve Hickle

World President

WesleyMen, Inc

Andy Morris

Executive Director


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