#NoGivingUp4Lent Social Media Campaign

It’s LENT again and you don’t know what to give up? Ever stumble into Lent busy, tired, and undecided on how to focus on renewal, reflection, and repentance this season? Join us in building a global movement to end world hunger AND sharing the idea that you don’t have to give up something for Lent if you take on some very special disciplines like fasting and prayer. FastPrayGive.org is here to help. Follow/Like us on FaceBook, Twitter, or Instagram (or all of them) then watch the video below to be a #NoGivingUp4Lent champion!

Three Simple Steps: 1) Join FastPrayGive.org program 2) Record a video of you telling people you are joining FastPrayGive.org for lent, tell us what you’re not giving up this year, and challenge a friend to do the same. 3) Post it to your favorite Social Media page and use #NoGivingUp4Lent. Don’t forget to mention or tag the person you are challenging.

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Scripture Reflections

We’ve looked at the Revised Common Lectionary and put together a set of scripture reflections that could be used by clergy or laity alike to study and look back at scripture to see how it might inform your worship and study activities during this season of renewal. They include a reference to the scripture and hyperlinks (Web Page links) to the scripture at bible gateway. Once you have read the scripture one or multiple times you can read the provided suggestions on how you might include the scripture in a sermon, lesson, or devotion. It is not meant to be a “daily devotion” but merely a set of suggestions to get the creative juices flowing if you are responsible for leading others.

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