795 million people in the world do not have enough to eat. Meanwhile, our world can produce over four pounds of food per person per day. With all of this abundance we can’t simply ignore those suffering from hunger. Join us to build a movement to end world hunger.

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WT_3RectangleFPGThis is an invitation for people of compassion, like you, to Fast one meal per week, Pray during that meal time for world hunger, and Give what you would have spent on that meal to feed others. We hope you recognize that when you do this there is no economic cost at all- because it’s a meal you didn’t eat.

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We ask that you give $8 per month (or roughly $2 per week) Let’s break this all down to a quarter. $0.25 is the cost to provide the basic nutrition for one human each day. So if you multiply that out seven times you get about a dollar and seventy-five cents per week or around eight dollars per month. This represents a sustained commitment to feeding one other person.

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A Movement To End World Hunger

Fast one meal per week, Pray during that meal time for world hunger, and Give what you would have spent on that meal towards feeding the hungry.



Fasting is the act of not eating for a specific period of time. As an act of sacrifice, fasting offers an opportunity to connect with God. Fasting is a long held discipline that when combined with prayer can be transformative.



When we pray for those in need we are asking God to help according to God’s will. To end hunger we ask God on behalf of others to provide the resources needed to feed everyone.



There is more than enough food for everyone to have enough to eat. By giving up a meal we make available those resources. The financial support will be used to feed people and to build the movement to end world hunger.

ONE Global Movement To End Hunger.

FastPrayGive is a effort created by an affiliate of the World Methodist Council to bring all Methodists together as ONE single body to end hunger. Through sacrifice and prayer we exercise the means of grace which can end hunger and reflect God’s love onto others.

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We know that prayer is an experience between you and God, and sometimes its hard to get started. We’ll provide weekly examples to help you out.

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Join us at a Stop Hunger Now event when we come to a town near you. Watch our events calendar (coming soon) to see where we’ll be packaging meals near you.